Yes, I am also a huge fan of my iPhone. It became my second best friend and I am getting a bit nervous when I forget to take it along where ever I am going…It surprises me what such a little thing can do with our lives and our mindset but I consider it as a fact that this genious thing won’t go out of our lives anymore and decided to take the most out of it.

So I have the Lonely Planet apps, put my favourite radio channel on it (you never know when you are really in need of music), read dayly news all seconds I have to wait for trains, busses, clients showing up late etc. and never have been more up to date what goes around in the world since I have my lovely little iPhone!

The best part of it is that I never guessed to use my iPhone as a sales instrument (besides the fact that I call and mail prospects and clients with it..). As a video producer, I am in need to show my material wherever I am, to everybody that’s interested and at all times. My iPhone makes it capable to show my material at all times and therefor; thank you iPhone as nowadays I will not only i-PHONE but even iPROMOTE just through this lovely little device!

I can really advice all entrepreneurs and marketing & sales people just to put your Company or Product Movie on your iPhone. I mean, look around you; everyone shares their phone content, so it is the best way to casually show your Company or Product to another and people will remind you!

Why, because its power is still underestimated, its something which is not done often yet and…video is getting more and more important every day!

How to put a video on your iPhone?

Putting a video on your iPhone is very simple. Just add your movie in your iTunes Library under “Movies”. It will be on your iPhone the next time you sync it. You can find your video by clicking the iPod button –> video.

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