Visualize your Brand

How can it be that video became so popular in our personal life over the last years and it is still such a small medium in business (-to-consumer) marketing?

Nowadays we make use of youtube regularly; we search in order to learn how to fix an Ikea bed or just having a good laugh and share family gatherings! Why? Because video is FUN, it shares the good vibes! And it gives us the feeling that there are thousands of others with the same problems, questions (“ I don’t understand the written manual”) and have the same urge for information. Video is sparkling, easy to understand and there is no need to scroll down lots of text or different photographs; just click “ play” and enjoy what shows up in front of you.

Internet has grown up, it became a lovely teenager with a package of life experience but also still the possibility to grow, to choose any direction. Look at web 2.0, what a wonderful development with lots of new (visual) ways to introduce yourself and share your interests with friends. On a daily bases we see information through our eyes. Our visibility lets us quickly scan a lot of new impressions and this little link between our eyes and brain decides if we like what we see and whether we want to take action. So appaerantly, everything we see is a little video fragment! There are always pioneers in the use of new technologies and searching new ways to market their business. These early adaptors quickly see the advantages of video too; use it to show people the atmosphere of their company for example. They use video as one of the information carriers along text, photographs and images. But we all know that the biggest groups in the (Product) Life Cycle are the Early and Late Majority. As they use video regularly for private purposes, why don’t use it to communicate their business?

In the last two years I have spoken to many Marketing & Sales people about the use of video on their website (or to be honest; when you have a professional video, it doesn’t matter where you expose it, there are lots of simple and useful media to show the same video, besides the web!). Reason to not use it is mostly price and not feeling the extra benefits of video besides photography. Does that sound familiar? You can almost use these reasons for every new product or service that a company lays eyes on!

How come that people have the impression that video should be expensive? You can already make a professional short video for less than a one time advertisement in a branch magazine or newspaper! Luckily the internet is the perfect medium to show short video’s. One can hold its attention and interest for only a couple of minutes, so the average length of a promotional video should only be 1 till 2 minutes. You don’t need to make a complete Hollywood movie, its like all other communication and Marketing tools; just be sure what your message should be, what your goal is and how you’ll get the right target group! Extra adventage is that a video normally can be used a couple of years, so no new advertorial every month!

Doesn’t everyone wants to bring his brand to life? To communicate with people, to create conversation and to attract new customers, new employees, but also to hold on to your valuable customers? We all know that you need to be different in order to get conversation. People want new insights, new information, enjoyable story’s and sure we want to be visible! Otherwise, no company needs a well designed logo, a cool building to work at and even flashy presentations for their salespeople. Its all about the customer experience and how you tell your company story. Easy! Make use of video as it combines the visual aspect with sound, a full experience of your company and its products or services!

Information can be given in multiple ways. Where text and photography are commonly used, video is still a tool that needs some attention in ways to convince people about the benefits of it. So let me list a few benefits for you:

  • A visual way to introduce yourself to your (potential)customers and (potential) employees
  • Raises enthusiasm and a total new experience as sound, images and text come together without scrolling and endless clicking
  • Easily lets you see all angles, unique details and gives fully exposure of your company, its products and services.Text and photographs alone will never be able to do that.
  • Is like storytelling: when the video is attractive, people will tell others
  • A tool that starts in the earliest stage of communication; for example, you are looking for a hotel; behind your computer, you can already see how the entrance in the hotel will be, if the room suits you and what you would like to have for breakfast or dinner!
  • It doesn’t end when your customer has left the building; when he likes your product, he will recommend it to others; after felt a real guest in your hotel, he will show the video to its neighbour, telling him that he slept in that wonderful suite that you can see in the video!
  • One video can be used for multiple communication tools; not only your own website, but integrate your video to social media sites, third party websites. Also off-line, you’ll find endless opportunities, think about the Tvscreen at the entrance of your building, the boring Power Point sales presentation that gets more and more attractive with a video and even the USB stick that you’ll give to your customer can be filled with your video
  • Web distribution is almost free, there are lots of sites where you can post free video’s and quicly enlarge your exposure on the web
  • The use of professional video let the customer see that you are a professional company, same the other way around; use poor video quality and the customer will think the same of your product or service

Ten years ago, you hardly saw good professional pictures on a website. Nowadays a website with good photographs is common and, in a lot of branches, expected. Imagine being on a real estate site, looking for a house to buy and you don’t see any picture, would you be convinced it is worthwile to visit it or would you click to the next one where you can already see how large the rooms are and whether the kitchen is in an acceptable colour?

In a couple of years, will customers take you seriously when you don’t have a good introduction video on your homepage….?