2D, 3D or 4D, Walking through Dimensions

In my teenage years I was remarkably bad in maths. My hands went sweaty when I even heard there was also a Z-coordinate next to the X and Y coordinates. I dropped my math lessons as soon as possible and later in working life just knew that it wasn’t one of my USP’s. Luckily I never needed to calculate in a 3 way dimension way anymore and lived happily everafter….until now…

With 3D animation coming up, I get nervous again. This will be the next future in video (post)production and at one point my ambition and curiosity eagers to learn more about 3D animation. On the other hand, my mind keeps telling me not to build little paper cubes again to try to understand where the x,y and z coordinates are located related to the center of the cube…

The thing is that 3D makes images far more interesting and vivid. My hand tickles to create something beyond a flat video and in my head I keep on seeing those fantastic compositions.

Walking on the IBC Exhibition Floor a couple of months ago, I felt rather funny, putting on glasses to reach the Avatar effect. Luckily, I was not the only one, lots of producers rather shy put on their glasses and hoped not to see anyone familiar while secretly enjoying the 3D experience.

The large icons as Canon, Sony and Panasonic are still divided about the direct use of 3D products. On one hand, they produce 3D camera’s already, on the other hand they like the people to think you can make the same effect by putting 2 camera’s next to each other. In my opinion a simple conclusion but not workable for the professional film producer 😉

As I am still trying to get a full picture on 3D, I must confess that I am already behind while writing this blog. Last November Polo Ralph Lauren already experimented with 4D on their flagship store in New York. Amazing, at least now we know that, whatever digital platform you can handle for the moment, it is a great marketing tool ….