Innovate Now, inspiring ideas at the Dutch Entrepreneural Conference

Conferences, from time to time I find it very inspiring. Yesterday I attended the Dutch MKB Regional entrepreneurial Conference in Rotterdam. Finally a good excuse to see the beautiful SS Rotterdam which is renovated to be a unique cruise hotel, well done Lucas! It is absolutely worthwhile to take a tour when you’re in Rotterdam.

As an entrepreneur it is always inspiring to get some (new) insights and ideas from others who have true passion for what they do! My main interests are based on creativity, marketing and video, shortly; how do we communicate and how does video help to tell a story, to seduce your customer, to let your public have a good laugh and meanwhile show them the do’s and dont’s in a simple and attractive way. I was very impressed by the presentations of Egbert Jan van Bel and RenĂ© Boenders. Why? Because of all the open doors they showed us in a new way; with passion, attractive content and inspiring examples! Don’t dream but take action, know who your customer is and break out of your routine.. Does this seem logical? Look at the lost generation video or (for the Dutch ones) Het Terras and be inspired!

Did you know that only 14% of people who get an e-mail advertorial will take a look at it? That scared me a bit and on the other hand the fact that 82% that gets a video(link) will look at the video makes me smile again! I believe in the power of video and I do believe that there are so many possibilities to reach another in a simple way, without having a large budget or the intention to win an Effie with your first try… Winners are the ones who innovate, change and adapt to the new world! Easily said to think out of the box as your whole team finds comfort in that same box, or budgets are less than zero…That’s why these conferences can be so inspiring…it makes you believe you can win and you walk away with a lot of energy and new ideas to innovate and create….and I’ll use this new energy today to create!